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Wholesale Gildan T-Shirts

at Needen USA

Gildan T-shirts

Needen and Gildan clothing

Since 2015, Needen has made it a point of honor to give a second life to basic clothing, too often abandoned for more creative and stylish pieces. Our main goal is to make sure basic classic looks are back in every person's wardrobe, no matter what your clothing style may be.

To achieve this, we have selected a large variety of clothing brands that offer quality items at an affordable price for everyone. And, among them, Gildan clothing has emerged as an undeniable choice to offer you.

Offering a wide range of products of infallible quality, Gildan understands the needs and desires of today's fashion world, and we are lucky enough to be one of its main distributors! Coats, jackets, sweaters, t-shirts or sports clothing… Discover our selection of Gildan items at the best prices today!

Gildan sweaters and t-shirts for all ages

Have you been planning on giving your wardrobe a new makeover? Add Gildan’s basic sweaters and t-shirts to your new selection! These pieces are real must-haves in your closet for the simple reason that they can be worn every day: with a shirt, under a sweatshirt, tucked into your pants or shorts. They can also simply be worn in the comfort of your home if you feel like staying in. Sweaters and t-shirts are timeless pieces of clothing that never go out of fashion. Made of quality fabrics and meticulously created for you, the Gildan brand has only the best to offer you.

We’ve composed a large selection of t-shirts and simple sweatshirts to help you find the perfect piece that will make you give in : black, gray, white or blue, hooded or with a rounded a collar, oversize or close-fitting, with or without patterns, pullovers, zipped sweatshirts, long or short-sleeved, tank tops, buttoned polos … All you have to do is choose.

Gildan also offers t-shirts and sweaters in all kinds of fabric to suit everyone’s preferences : cotton, synthetic, fleece or jersey.

Gildan : clothing designed for athletes

Gildan offers a selection of clothing specially designed for athletes, because we understand how important it is to feel comfortable in your clothes during all the activities you undertake. Gildan’s clothing line was thought out for everyone, women, men, children, as well as skilled athletes, from extreme adventurers to Sunday morning joggers. Here you will find clothing suitable for everyone’s needs. Gildan’s zipped sweatshirts, for instance, are one of our clients’ all-time favorites for their comfort and weather resistance. You will also find ideal fleece jackets for men and women that will keep you nice and warm during your winter hikes.

And, to complete your sportswear, Gildan also offers a series of accessories that will add a creative and personal touch to your look. For instance, among these little extras, you can choose your own jersey cap, perfect to shield you from the sun as well as the rain.

Gildan’s coats and jackets

At Gildan, you’ll find a large selection of jackets and coats to choose from, because we know that what people around you notice first when they see you is as just as important as the rest. Whether it's to keep you warm in winter or to complete your summer outfits collection, these items should have a special place in your wardrobe. They will be the perfect choices to match more original pieces, such as colorful t-shirts or patterned sweaters.

Discover our selection of every day clothing suitable for any occasion today, all for an unbeatable quality-price ratio!